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Zombieland (2009) Movie Review

October 4, 2009

Zombie movies have sadly rarely gone above the level of the cult following based on numerous highly annoying clichés that early directors created.  “Zombieland” takes the formula, removes the constant bickering among characters, infuses it with dark humor, and creates an experience that stands out from the crowd and is highly entertaining.  The characters in the movie are named based on the city they want to return to rather than real names to avoid any emotional attachment in case one of them is bitten.  They travel across the zombie-infested landscape searching for a safe-haven while killing numerous zombies as they go.  Woody Harrelson plays a reckless character who takes pleasure in the little things in life.  These usually take the form of letting off steam by destroying various things or killing zombies in creative ways.  His devil-may-care attitude makes all the scenes he is in a ton of fun to watch as he laughs in the face of every zombie he kills.  The story is relatively minor and un-developed but you will quickly forget you ever needed one because there is so much humor at every turn.

The cast has so much fun killing the zombies that you will easily cheer them on.  There are a number of kills in the beginning followed by a slower character-driven section followed by a massively awesome final confrontation.  Almost every kill you witness will cause you to laugh out loud at how awesome and random it was.  Various little rules one character has are repeated throughout and each time you can see the logic behind them.  There is of course some blood and gore because zombies have a tendency to want to eat any living human.  The amount of gore is kept to a reasonable level such that it never feels excessive or unrealistic.  There is an especially awesome cameo by a famous actor towards the middle in a section that is hard to resist.  If you like horror movies but are tired of the usual overly-serious stuff then “Zombieland” is a must see.  It is a lot better than the average zombie movie and should not be missed for the world.



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