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Where the Wild Things Are (2010) Movie Review

October 24, 2009

Lately studios decided that the best way to bring in viewers is to take an established franchise that was popular years ago and make it into a new movie.  Unlike many of the terrible cash-ins, “Where the Wild Things Are” is an example of how a talented writer can take a good story and make it their own.  Max is a young child who gets into an argument with his mother and runs away.  He finds an abandoned boat near the shore and rides it until he arrives on an island filled with the wild things.  Initially Max makes things fun with the wild things and they play around and build things like a young boy’s dream.  The fun that they have is wonderfully shown and quite exhilarating.  However, soon the emotional problems come out and Max realizes that everyone deals with the same problems in their own personal relationships that he deals with at home.  All of a sudden Max discovers that what is important are the times when you are there for those who love you, not the fights that happen in between.  He leaves the wild things on their island and makes the trip home, where his mother is waiting to welcome him with a hug and an apology and most of all love.

Max is played by newcomer Max Records who does a phenomenal job in his first major role.  The rest of the cast provides mostly voice work for the wild things but they do similarly great jobs, giving the wild things an authentic feel.  The soundtrack is mostly provided in the form of songs sung by young children and it is effective because it captures that child-like fun present many times.  There are tons of funny scenes in the movie that will have you laughing at the sheer silliness of it all.  There are also numerous scenes with deep emotional issues that may put off many viewers with the somber tone.  However, all the emotions presented are authentic and serve as a reminder that things are never as simple as we wish they were.  The Wild Things are masterfully created and ooze creativity in their execution.  If you still think about the adventures you took as a young child in your back yard, you should check out “Where the Wild Things Are” because it is a lot of fun.



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