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Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief (2010) Movie Review

February 13, 2010

Percy Jackson is a high school boy who has trouble fitting in and can’t pay attention in class.  He is soon confronted by a creature disguised as one of his teachers and realizes that he is anything but normal.  Percy is then told that he is the son of Poseidon and was born with special powers.  He is taken to a place where other demigods like him are trained to fight in case a war of the gods ever breaks out.  However, before he gets there his mother is kidnapped by Hades so he embarks on a quest to get her back.  He also wants to convince the other gods that he didn’t steal Zeus’s lightning bolt because they are blaming him for its disappearance.

The whole storyline is a bit typical but at the same time entertaining.  It’s fun to watch high school kids running around in armor and using swords and magic powers to defeat foes on a quest, even if the plot is lacking.  The actors, while not oscar worthy, do a good enough job to be entertaining.  The music, composed by Christophe Beck, is delightfully orchestral.  The music is majestic and romantic at times while ramping up for some epic action pieces at others.  Stylistically it is similar to Michael Giacchino’s work for last year’s “Star Trek” and driven heavily by horns and strings.

While not likely to win any awards for originality, “Percy Jackson” is a solid movie and sure to attract children and teens.  The action scenes are well done, especially the fights with mythical creatures such as Medusa (Uma Thurman) and a hydra.  The movie is often compared to “Harry Potter” and sadly fails to reach the level of quality fans of fantasy and magic have come to expect from the boy wizard films.  If you like what you see in the trailer, you will find some fun, if a bit mindless, fantasy action.



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