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The Crazies (2010) Movie Review

February 27, 2010

“The Crazies” is based on a movie by the same name from 1973 directed by George A. Romero.  If that name makes you think of zombies, you are partially correct, however “The Crazies” is not just another zombie movie.  Like last year’s “Zombieland” it takes the zombie movie conventions and throws them out the window.  The movie starts out with people in a small town acting strange.  Residents, especially the local sheriff, are not sure what is wrong with them.  It soon becomes clear that these residents aren’t just going to walk around in a daze but they become homicidal.  There is much more to this movie than they present to you in the trailers: a deeply unsettling reason behind everything.  However, I was so surprised by the interesting premise that I won’t spoil it here.

The cast is largely comprised of actors I didn’t recognize except for two small parts by actors I knew from some TV shows.  The cast largely performs well, reacting believably to various situations.  The music, composed by Mark Isham, is largely atmospheric yet highly effective.  It helps enhance the tension of major scenes.  While labeling something a zombie movie would normally make you think of the movie being excessively gory, that is not so much the case here.  Thanks to a fantastic script the characters react intelligently to scenes in a way you rarely see in a horror movie.

“The Crazies” spends just as much time playing with your head as it does showing you crazy kills.  Fans of the horror genre will find a number of scenes in the movie that will stick in their mind for a long time.  The final few shots especially have such an iconic look that you may see them in your mind long after.  There are also a number of stand-out kill scenes that are well shot and highly visceral.  “The Crazies” is a highly effective, deeply unsettling, horror movie that rises high above the rest in both intelligent script and artistic execution.  Fans of horror movies should not miss this one.


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