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Robin Hood (2010) Movie Review

May 15, 2010

Often times our preconceived notions of what things should be keep us from enjoying them for what they are.  This seems to be the case for many critics with the new “Robin Hood” movie.  Stuck with their past image of what a Robin Hood movie should be, they are unable to enjoy the movie for what it is.  Read on to see why I think this movie is everything it should have been and very enjoyable.

Robin Longstride (Russell Crowe) is an archer in the army of King Richard the Lionheart.  The movie opens with a wonderful siege scene where King Richard’s army attempts to take a castle and we get to see the archers in action.  Soon King Richard is killed by enemy arrow fire and Robin decides to leave the army with a few of his fellow soldiers.  On their way, they come upon a horse carrying the dead king’s crown and Robin witnesses a dead man’s last breaths as he instructs Robin to deliver his sword to his father.  This seemingly insignificant event pushes the story towards the eventual finale with a number of interesting scenes along the way.  The story builds slowly until Robin is given a reason to fight the invading French military force and becomes an outlaw after all is said and done.

There are a few solid fight scenes scattered nicely throughout the movie that keep it moving.  The soundtrack, composed by Marc Streitenfeld, does an even better job of keeping the film moving.  The soundtrack is mostly orchestral and features a few solid themes that are woven throughout, mostly using the technique of the motif.  The score transitions nicely from the dark and foreboding to the sweeping and epic and finally to the romantic and heartfelt.  The audio mixing in the film is wonderfully carried out and lets the music enjoy a position of prominence it so greatly deserves.  The music left me with the main theme in my head when I left the theater and was very satisfying.

“Robin Hood” is a fantastic movie for anyone who laments the lack of epic medieval films available lately.  The story never lags too much and keeps the audience interested from beginning to end.  There are also some nicely executed battles that are made more exciting through the excellent use of archers.  The movie builds to the final battle that is epic in scope and very satisfying.  “Robin Hood” serves as a fitting reminder of the dangers of tyranny and the importance of fighting for freedom.  If you are unsure about this movie but enjoy epic films such as Braveheart and The Last Samurai, you should go watch it.  You will not be disappointed.



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