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Knight and Day (2010) Movie Review

June 26, 2010

June Havens (Cameron Diaz) is your regular car enthusiast girl on a trip to her sister’s wedding when she runs into Roy Miller (Tom Cruz).  After bumping into him a number of times, they end up on the same flight where eventually Roy kills everyone onboard in a surprisingly funny action sequence while June is cleaning up in the bathroom.  The next thing June knows, they are crash landing because among the people Roy killed were the two pilots.  June quickly ends up in federal custody where she finds out the FBI is looking for Roy.  From the beginning we are told one version of the story from Roy and another from the authorities and it can be difficult to decide which version of the truth to believe.

There are a number of action sequences including a lengthy car-chase soon after June runs into the FBI, and another car chase down the streets of Spain during the running of the bulls.  Sadly, the action sequences aren’t very frequent, and most of them lean towards being comedic rather than serious.  Of course, it’s hard to create tension in the action scenes when the plot doesn’t make sense.  One big factor that contributes to the confusion is the frequency at which June is drugged, leading to numerous blackouts skipping what could otherwise end up as additional action or plot development.  Every time June is drugged (and there are many), she blacks out and wakes up three or four times.

The music is composed by John Powell, who is known for his work on the Bourne trilogy.  The action scenes have some solid orchestral music but the rest of the soundtrack is far too varied and never gets very interesting.  What keeps the movie from being a complete waste is the chemistry between Diaz and Cruz as well as watching June develop to gain more confidence.  “Knight and Day” is a decent action movie that could have been a lot better if it had a more cohesive plot and proper momentum.  Don’t rush out to see this one in the theater.



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