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Despicable Me (2010) Movie Review

July 14, 2010

“Despicable Me” is quite a quirky movie.  The main character is the highly rude, unlikable Gru, a villain who devoted his life to achieving notoriety and yet has accomplished very little.  The highlight of the movie is Gru’s army of minions, short round yellow creatures with big mouths, massive grins, their own strange language, and an obsession with slapstick.  Often, when Gru attempts to get something done in his lair, one of the minions punches another, leading to laughter from the minions and the audience.  Gru’s ultimate objective is to steal the moon, although he has a bit of an obstacle to his success.  Gru’s funding is limited so in order for him to even attempt his scheme, he must get a loan from the bank.  Before Gru can get a loan, he must obtain the shrink ray he plans to use to steal the moon.

A young villain named Vector is determined to get in Gru’s way.  When traditional methods, such as oversized ridiculous weapons, fail to get results, Gru resorts to the use of three young girls he adopts from the orphanage.  While the children initially drive Gru insane, they slowly grow on him, leading to some surprisingly emotional scenes.  The girls, while quite obnoxious at first, have a certain charm that eventually gets to the audience as well.  Despite the film’s clear use as a vehicle to set up various jokes, the story is surprisingly interesting.  The jokes are nicely spaced out and there are quite a lot of fun jokes that were not in the trailers.

The movie’s score is largely orchestral and often uses a style one would expect in a secret agent film.   The music is quite effective but not very complex and doesn’t use many themes.  “Despicable Me” is quite tame despite Gru’s evil tendencies and yet still entertains in many aspects.  The movie contains very little in the form of objectionable content that would be inappropriate for children of any age.  It is also available in 3D and, like most animated movies with this option, the effect gives the movie an added depth without being obvious.  Even though the 3D is nice, it doesn’t really give the movie too much you couldn’t get from a regular 2D viewing.  If you enjoy animated comedies, “Despicable Me” is a lot of fun for viewers of all ages and contains plenty of laughter throughout.



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