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Predators (2010) Movie Review

July 16, 2010

“Predators” is essentially an alternate sequel to the original “Predator” as if “Predator 2” didn’t exist.  The movie opens to Royce (Adrien Brody) free falling and trying to engage his parachute.  Royce lands in a strange jungle and soon realizes that he is surrounded by a number of other people who arrived in the same jungle in the same way.  None of them can remember anything other than waking up while free-falling.  The strangers set off to figure out where they are and soon realize that they are on an alien planet and joined by some mysterious creatures known as Predators.

The movie is a mix between action and horror, although sadly does not feature very many gory deaths.  While the movie avoids the obligatory slow introduction common with horror films, it has quite a bit of down time while the characters try to figure out where they are and who they are fighting.  While this could have been a chance to develop the characters, the script isn’t the most intelligent and most people are likely to yearn for more action.  The predators themselves, done in the classic way of people in crazy suits, are sufficiently menacing but could have used a lot more action.

John Debney provides the soundtrack and borrows heavily from themes established in the original movie by Alan Silvestri.  Debney’s score is effective in creating a foreboding atmosphere but is so similar to Silvestri’s work that it lacks an identity of its own.  The parts that don’t use Silvestri’s themes are largely ambient and, while effective, aren’t particularly memorable.  Adrien Brody is effective in an action role although his choice of using a deeper growl on his voice was a little questionable.  Overall, predators is enjoyable but leaves you with the feeling that it could have been a lot better if it had more action and less downtime.



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