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Salt (2010) Movie Review

July 23, 2010

Evelyn Salt (Angelina Jolie) is a CIA agent who encounters a man who walks into the office claiming that she is a Russian spy.  This declaration leads to a chase that starts the movie off with a bang.  From the start we are presented with events that could be interpreted both to suggest that Salt is a loyal American and that she is a Russian spy.  There are a number of big action sequences with very little down-time in between.  The excitement is heightened throughout the action thanks to James Newton Howard’s pounding score.  The music is orchestral and uses percussion, synthesizer, and electric guitar to drive home the immediacy of everything.  Other key scenes use choir to great effect.  The mix is wonderful, giving the music a chance to reach its full potential and enhance the action.  The action scenes are nicely shot, making it easy to follow all the excitement.

At the beginning we are told that Salt is going to assassinate the Russian President.  Later in the movie, another operation of even greater weight goes down with the audience left to wonder which side Salt is really on.  The plot is developed only as much as is required to explain the events and get us on to the next big scene.  Angelina Jolie gives a great performance in the main role and pulls off emotional and bad-ass equally well.  Live Schreiber plays the role of Jolie’s fellow agent with the CIA and is effective in his role as well.  With a run time of 99 minutes, the movie ended when I was ready for double the run-time.  The ending leaves the movie open for a sequel, something I would be very interested in.  “Salt” is an intense action movie, and worth watching if you have already seen “Inception”.



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