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Red (2010) Movie Review

October 16, 2010

Red is a goofy movie about retired spies who work together to foil a government plot after a bunch of men try to kill one of them.  What sounds totally conventional on paper is made an absolute joy thanks to fantastic acting, original writing, and an energetic score.  Bruce Willis plays a retired CIA agent named Frank Moses who joins up with Joe Matheson (Morgan Freeman), Marvin Boggs (John Malkovich) and Victoria (Helen Mirren) as they realize there is a list of people who are being targeted and there are a few who are still alive.  Along the way Moses travels with a girl named Sara Ross (Mary-Louise Parker) who he has been getting to know over the phone to get through retirement without going crazy from boredom.  Karl Urban, who some may remember from the 2009 “Star Trek” heads up the resistance as a young CIA officer who is trying to take out Moses and company.

All of the main cast members are fantastic in their roles.  Malkovich’s character is fittingly paranoid because he plays that type best.  Mirren is wonderful in an action role and plays a spy perfectly.  Christophe Beck composed the music; his score is a nice combination of electric guitar, funky jazz, and small ensemble orchestra.  The action music ramps up nicely when needed; all the funk fits perfectly.  There is a good amount of action in the movie; most of it is bloodless due to slick editing.  I had plenty of laughs spaced nicely throughout the film thanks to some witty writing and silly circumstances.  If you think “Red” looks good from the trailer, you are in for a great time.  “Red” is some of the most fun I’ve had at the theater this year.



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