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Saw 3D (2010) Movie Review

October 31, 2010

The “Saw” series of movies seems to be quite unpopular with critics because they consider the story to be too confusing or just have a problem with gore.  I’ve always found the movies to be compelling and tense.  “Saw 3D” takes up right where “Saw VI” left off so you should probably try to catch up on the previous entries before watching the new one.  If you got into the story in the past entries, you should find “Saw 3D” brings the series to a proper conclusion and answers more of those lingering questions.

The usual formula returns with a number of traps that force the participants to make some difficult choices.  This time around it seems more like the traps are meant only as a vehicle for presenting the audience with more awesome gore.  This is because, like in the 6th movie before it, many of the participants get painfully close to escape only to fail and die a gruesome death.  I have no problem with this because I enjoy the gore the series has become known for but some may find this to be a negative.

It sure took the series long enough to go 3D although I thought the extra depth brought a lot to the traps.  They are just as tense as usual but the extra dimension gives the traps an additional feeling of realism.  Things fly out at you occasionally as well, sometimes even blood spatter.  If you enjoy horror movies that focus on revenge and cheer when such plans are carried out, there is a lot to love here.  “Saw 3D”, when combined with “Saw VI” before it, brings a satisfying conclusion to the series.



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