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Tron Legacy (2010) Movie Review

December 18, 2010

“Tron Legacy” is certainly flashy.  The costumes with strips of light and the unique look of the movie sure suggest as much.  Somehow I had the idea that there would be more to find once I got beyond the imagery of the trailer.  However, in the world known as the Grid, we have plenty of eye candy driven by Daft Punk’s music but little substance to back it up.  The movie spends most of the time dragging the viewer along from one fast-moving scene to another.  By the time we figure out what the point of the opening cinematic was, we are whisked away into the Grid and left to figure out what the hell is going on.  Maybe this type of filmmaking works for some people but it left me with little reason to care what happened.  Admittedly, the light bike race was pretty awesome, as was the fighting with crazy discs but it felt like the usual cheap thrills with no substance

The closest thing to quality in the movie is the music, composed by Daft Punk.  The soundtrack sounds like Hans Zimmer ostinato-driven orchestral work after it’s mixed with modern dance music.  The music conveys a lot more emotion than any of the visuals do, thanks to a nice blend of orchestra and synthesizers.  The acting wasn’t all bad though.  Olivia Wilde is cute and innocent as Quorra and Michael Sheen’s character exudes constant energy.  With all the hype about the 3D effects in Tron Legacy, I didn’t think it was very impressive.  The movie even tells you at the beginning that some scenes were shot in 2D so I suspect no more than 1/3 of the movie is in 3D.  Considering the big scope of the movie, it may be worth a trip to watch on the big screen, but don’t expect a great plot or waste the money on 3D.



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