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Larry Crowne (2011) Movie Review

July 2, 2011

Larry Crowne is a lovely sex-free romance in a time where every movie contains more sexual innuendos than a high school boy could dream up in a week. This laid-back human drama highlights the importance of accepting life and the changes that come with it. The unique characters are a joy to watch as they live their lives with a positive outlook and a smile.

The movie takes off with a rocky start and may seem depressing at first, but Larry Crowne (Tom Hanks) always seems to push forward.  The movie is backed by a largely inconspicuous score by James Newton Howard.  The music is in the style of classic rock, written primarily for electric guitar and drums.

The story takes a while to take off as it develops a number of subplots and side characters.  The movie focuses more on Larry Crowne’s character development and less on the romantic development.  However, the minimal screen time given to the romance makes it feel more realistic.  If you are drawn to the movie by the cute trailer like I was, do yourself a favor and take some time out of your busy day to watch it.  The characters’ enthusiasm for life is delightfully contagious.



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