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Drive (2011) Movie Review

September 23, 2011

In recent years, action films have largely abandoned quality storytelling in favor of spectacle.  At the same time, long shots have been replaced with quick-cut action that is frustratingly difficult to follow.  “Drive” is a film that transports viewers back to a time when filmmaking was about the quality of the shots and telling a story through images.  Dialogue is sparse, characters often stare at each other in silence for 30 seconds to a minute, but there is no lack of content in those scenes.

The film has an introspective feel to it created by shots that focus on events for longer than we usually see these days.  The score is similarly somber and minimalistic.  Cliff Martinez’ music is a combination of synthesized ambience and pulsating beats.  The score is aided by a few electro-pop songs that fit the film well.  The car chases are fantastically shot from the perspective of Driver (Ryan Gosling), and put the audience into the drivers seat.  There are a number of graphic deaths in the film, yet the gore is used tastefully.  “Drive” is a thoughtful film about a nice guy who cares for others but doesn’t take shit from anyone.



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