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Blackthorn (2011) Movie Review

October 15, 2011

The western has a long history in cinema.  Within that genre, there is the legendary Butch Cassidy.  In “Blackthorn”, we catch a glimpse at his character while retired in Bolivia (under the name of Blackthorn).  Of course, it wouldn’t be a movie about Butch Cassidy without him getting involved in some trouble.  While Blackthorn is on his way back to the US, he encounters a Spaniard who convinces Blackthorn to help him recover some money the Spaniard stole.  This leads Blackthorn on a trip across Bolivia and pits him against a bunch of guys who want the money back.

One thing that surprised me was that the movie has a large amount of dialogue in Spanish.  Of course, with the movie set in Bolivia this makes sense with the plot.  The dialogue is well-written and intelligent, although it would have felt more realistic if the characters didn’t use so many modern-day curse-words.

“Blackthorn” succeeds best through its quality cinematography and tone.  Westerns have always focused on strong outlaws who have a sense of right and wrong.  Sam Shepard portrays Butch Cassidy perfectly with the right balance between stoicism and sentimentality.  The music fits well, using a combination of acoustic guitar and other solo instruments.  If you are a fan of westerns, you should check out “Blackthorn” for an introspective trek across Bolivia and into the mind of Butch Cassidy.



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