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The Descendents (2011) Movie Review

November 21, 2011

Parenting is never an easy job.  For Matt King (George Clooney), the parenting duties he neglected are thrust upon him when his wife ends up in a coma after a boating accident.  His two daughters, ages 10 and 17, are now his responsibility to care for and raise with proper values.  Matt King meets with some initial resistance from the girls who know him only as the busy dad who rarely has time to be home.  Every minute of interaction between the three of them appears highly realistic thanks to some fantastic acting by the girls and a well-written script.

While the movie sometimes feels as if it lacks a clear direction for the plot, things never drag as Matt King is constantly dealing with some new problem.  The film feels further grounded in reality thanks to some fleshed-out family lineage for Matt King’s character dating back to native Hawaiian ancestors.  The music is fitting to the setting with many traditional Hawaiian songs used at key points.  While “The Descendents” is not the easiest movie to watch due to the difficult subject matter, the realism with which it presents the material drives home the importance of many issues.  You will likely leave the movie desiring to reconsider some of your own choices in life or at the very least ready to do some extra thinking.



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