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Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol (2011) Movie Review

December 17, 2011

Tom Cruz is back for another spectacle-driven action movie in “Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol”, returning as Ethan Hunt.  Thanks to Brad Bird taking over as director [famous for his work on a number of Pixar movies including “The Incredibles”] the film has a much more believable feel to it.  True to its roots, the action is more about finishing the mission without being caught than the violence itself.  At times the film feels a little bit too slick and clean with its lack of blood and serious injury.  This is obvious when we see at least two times where Ethan hits his head hard yet acts like nothing happened.

Regardless, the film moves along at a fast pace and provides numerous visual spectacles thanks to great use of IMAX.  Though the switch to IMAX picture obviously signals that something epic is about to happen, the larger picture really makes scenes come alive.   If you have an IMAX theater nearby you can watch “Ghost Protocol” a week before its wide release.  There are about 25 minutes of solid IMAX footage, focused mostly on the biggest action scenes.  The much talked-about “The Dark Knight Rises Prologue” is not shown at the newer digital IMAX theaters, only for the bigger traditional IMAX theaters.  This is one film that takes full advantage of the IMAX format and is well worth the extra cost.

The action is driven nicely by a solid orchestral score by Michael Giacchino, who scored the previous film in the series as well as many of Brad Bird’s films for Pixar.  The score makes great use of the familiar “Mission Impossible Theme” and captures the flavor of each locality beautifully.  Most striking is the male choir used for the Kremlin in Russia.  “Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol” delivers a solid dose of action from start to finish.  Make sure to catch it in theaters for the full experience.



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