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Cabin in the Woods (2012) Movie Review

April 15, 2012

Horror movies have been spoofed for a while now.  Many of those spoofs take the full comedic approach like “Scary Movie” and other similar films by the same creators.  Then of course you have films like Scream that try to show the formula by having characters comment on how formulaic everything is.  More recently, “Tucker & Dale Versus Evil” gave us the perfect horror-comedy by turning the typical formula on its head.

“Cabin in the Woods” is another horror-spoof that is the perfect combination of authentic serious horror, at least at the start, while not showing all the gore for some reason.  In the second half, however, things go nuts and the mayhem we witness is so over-the-top that you can’t help but laugh at it all.  I won’t spoil the plot because it is just so much fun to witness for the first time on screen.  Needless to say, horror fans will delight at many of the things presented.  Non-horror fans should sit through the first half just so they can enjoy the many good laughs in the second half.

David Julyan provides the film with an orchestral horror soundscape with a decent theme.  While it isn’t the best score, it fits the film well and is a step up from the type of score most horror films have seen lately.  The cast is fantastic, with the college kids all giving great performances and some veterans showing up as well.

What keeps the film from being perfect is the rushed ending that builds up to something awesome, but never shows us the actual result, in typical horror film fashion.  Otherwise, the film is brilliant in its execution and provides a great combination of gore and laughs.  Don’t miss this one.



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