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Avengers (2012) Movie Review

May 6, 2012

Superhero films have become popular again recently, bringing on multiple films that seem to scream “me too!”  “The Avengers” was probably one of the longest anticipated films in recent years, first teased in a post-credits sequence after Iron Man, in 2008, four years before its release.  Buzz around the internet has been growing over time for so long that most fans were already anticipating the 2012 release of “The Avengers” before the first teaser was even shown.

“The Avengers” is the ultimate superhero concept because it brings together multiple different superheros to fight together in the same film against a common enemy.  This one features Iron Man/Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.), The Hulk/Bruce Banner (Mark Ruffalo), Captain America (Chris Evans), Thor (Chris Hemsworth), Black Widow (Scarlet Johansson), and Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner).  They are joined by Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson), who helps gather them all together.  The film is directed by cult favorite Joss Whedon, known for his works in science-fiction and fantasy projects.

What makes “The Avengers” stand out is its fantastic script, which is a huge step above modern Hollywood fare and has plenty of great humor.  I found it extremely refreshing to watch as Tony Stark, Bruce Banner and Hawkeye discussed the science behind the technology they were after, while sounding authentic.  There was also plenty of amazing humor, both in one-liner jokes and in quality slapstick.

I found Mark Ruffalo to be a fantastic Bruce Banner, even better than Edward Norton whom he replaced.  Chris Evans was much more interesting for me in “The Avengers” than he was in “Captain America”, taking on the role of tactical director of the group in the fights.  It also helped that he was facing opponents who were more of a match for him this time.  Tom Hiddleston was fantastic in the role of Loki and always kept me interested in seeing what he was doing next.

Alan Silvestri, who composed the music for “Captain America” returns to score “The Avengers.”  He expands on the approach he took for Captain America, and provides a sweeping orchestral score largely driven by a variety of motifs and a solid Avengers theme.  The score makes great use of motifs for different characters.  The music is given an opportunity to shine; my only complaint is that the themes could have been more developed.

Captain America’s theme is used perfectly, as well as a new theme for Iron Man and a solid motif for Loki.  There is nothing that can top the chill that runs down your spine when the Avengers finally assemble and the camera pans out while the Avengers theme plays loud and triumphant.

The story of The Avengers moves forward at the perfect pace, never feeling too drawn out in the beginning, and reaching blinding speed in the final sections of action.  Jokes are well spaced out, breaking up the action at the perfect times.  “The Avengers” is the best superhero film to come out of this recent wave of films.  Do not miss your chance to watch it in theaters.  Make sure to stay through the credits for two short hidden sequences.



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