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Prometheus (2012) Movie Review

June 11, 2012

There were many things about “Prometheus” that surprised me after how it was presented in the trailers (or more aptly called teasers, because they showed so little).  But the most surprising thing was when I heard the gorgeous main theme over the opening scenes.  In many ways, this throwback signaled a welcome direction for the film as the quick cuts in the trailer were replaced with a quite somber, reflective film that gives scenes time to breath.  The opening sequence brings the audience wonder through some striking imagery that is given ample time to develop on-screen without worrying that the audience may lose interest.

In many ways, the robot David (Michael Fassbender) displays this quality of intelligent introspection as he is introduced to us on the ship the Prometheus quietly absorbing ancient languages and delighting in the simple pleasures of the film “Lawrence of Arabia”.  Indeed, what better representation of the quality sort of film of days past than the sweeping epic.  The questions posed by Prometheus to the audience are no less profound than the simple truths portrayed in the Lawrence.

Prometheus is, at its core, a film about the search for answers in the universe.  A team of researchers finds what they believe to be a signal, in drawings from ancient human civilizations, inviting them to a distant planet where they hope to find the origins of life.  The expedition is primarily driven by the ever-present longing for truth.

The film delivers excellent production values, sprawling vistas, and top notch sci-fi visuals.  It also features a gorgeous main theme written by Harry Gregson-Williams, though sadly the rest of the score, by Mark Streitenfeld, is so ambient you can barely make it out under the noise of the film itself.  Thankfully, the main theme is used so beautifully throughout the film that it is truly all you need

Michael Fassbender gives a fabulous performance aided by some solid acting by Naomi Rapace.  Admittedly, the film is not without faults.  Like any horror/thriller, the characters make some questionable decisions and some parts of the plot make little sense.  Still, the film offers a compelling glimpse at the quest for truth in such a way that the audience can’t help but feel there is hope that the questions may be answered someday.  I know I will continue searching.



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