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Looper (2012) Movie Review

October 1, 2012

“Looper” is a powerful science fiction film that manages to combine bleak futuristic action with emotionally involving plot and characters. In an unusual twist, much of the future described in the film is not shown but merely referred to. The loopers have the job of killing people who are sent back from the future to be taken out. When a looper decides he is done in the business, his future self from 30 years later is sent back to get taken out like any other target. This ensures that the looper will not cause too much trouble.

Joe (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) is a looper who is going about his usual business, until he runs into his future self, Old Joe (Bruce Willis). To go much further into the plot would spoil a lot of the fun, so I will leave that to other critics. Needless to say, it is not your typical action movie like the trailer makes it seem. The plot weaves an intricate tale that fits together nicely and leaves you satisfied in the end.

Nathan Johnson composed a unique score for “Looper” combining traditional instruments with a number of unique clicks from guns and other environmental clicks and bangs. It provides the film with a powerful emotional underpinning and presents some powerful themes.  Gordon-Levitt, Willis and a few other actors who are key to the film provide powerful performances that help engage the audience.

Though “Looper” may not go down alongside the best science-fiction films of all time, it is one of the better-crafted science-fiction films of recent years. It manages to combine a well-written story with engaging characters and taut action in a way that is likely to stay with audiences long after they leave the theater.  “Looper” is a satisfying film that is worth catching in theaters for fans of science-fiction who have been yearning for something good.





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