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Argo (2012) Movie Review

October 20, 2012

“Argo” opens with a history lesson because the events portrayed in the movie, though dramatized to an extent, are primarily based on history. The few minutes at the beginning of the film devoted to history help instill a sense of urgency on it all. The whole thing took place before I was born so I appreciated the refresher. Because everything is based on real-life events, great lengths were taken to ensure that the actors in the film look as close as possible to the people they play. In the end credits we are shown side-by-side photographs that illustrate just how great of a job they did.

“Argo” is a tense film. If it wasn’t for the skilled interspersing of jokes, you would likely be in a constant state of anxiety from beginning to end. Thankfully, there are plenty of jokes to lighten the mood at times, though they never feel forced or unrealistic. Alexandre Desplat’s score helps drive the tension skillfully and often displays a middle-eastern flavor fitting of the Iranian setting.

The film does a fabulous job of making very clear the high stakes involved, letting the audience at times create additional tension in their minds. The mass uprising of the Iranian people is faithfully recreated on screen so that it often feels like you are watching from a news camera rather than events in a film. The actors all give convincing performances, so you can see the fear in their eyes.

“Argo” is a triumph of film-making and a highly-engaging history lesson. It is well worth checking out in theaters, and will not disappoint.



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