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Sinister (2012) Movie Review

October 21, 2012

I’ve always appreciated horror more for insane imagery than anything else, whether it is gore or scary images of demons or the occult. Though the gore phenomenon has been done to death, it seems to have lost some steam. Last year’s “Insidious” was a delectable horror film that provided a demented glimpse into a world most films only hint at existing. If you enjoyed “Insidious”, you are in for a real treat with “Sinister.” “Sinister” is a horror fan’s dream, combining the popular true-crime angle with some paranormal to create a tale that feels realistic enough that it might just give you nightmares.

I went into the film not knowing a thing about the plot. I think it works much better that way. Ethan Hawke gives a great performance in the lead role and always reacts naturally to things as they happen. The child actors do a phenomenal job as well and are very believable throughout. Christopher Young’s score is highly effective in the film, though most viewers probably won’t notice it. The score helps increase the tension at key moments through a dark, moody approach combining percussion and synthesizers.

The ending is likely to divide viewers. Some of my friends thought it was in poor taste but I found it to be quite refreshing. “Sinister” is the perfect horror film to watch in theaters with Halloween approaching, and a must-see for all horror fans. It provides a number of quality jump-scares, powerful images, and a tale that will stick with you long after the lights come on.



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