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Wreck it Ralph (2012) Movie Review

November 4, 2012

Video game-themed movies have gotten a bad reputation recently because filmmakers have been making them all flash and no substance. “Wreck it Ralph” takes a whole new spin on the genre, taking viewers behind the arcade screen and bringing to life the games’ characters. Ralph is tired of being the bad guy and decides to try to win a medal to show he is good for something. He ends up in a sugary sweet racing game where he befriends a little girl and learns the true meaning of the word hero.

Ralph is voiced by John C. Reilly, who fits the character perfectly. Jane Lynch voices a gruff female soldier and is given the rough lines to match. The score, by Henry Jackman, is just the right mix of retro-game sounding tunes and big orchestral music. It gives the film a unique flavor and always hits the right notes.

“Wreck it Ralph” has a number of references to classic video game characters that will delight gamers. The new games created for the film fit right in and feel like classic titles as well. The Sugar Rush racing game incorporates a Japanese flavor, including the cutesy synth music that comes with it. Astute viewers will smile at all the other movie references as well.

“Wreck it Ralph” provides a solid dose of laughs and an entertaining plot that will have audiences of all ages smiling. While the plot feels formulaic at times, it never becomes too predictable. “Wreck it Ralph” is good fun for kids and will keep kids-at-heart entertained too.



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