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Safe (2012) Movie Review

November 9, 2012

Jason Statham action movies are a bit of a guilty pleasure. They tend to have enough adrenaline-pumping action to be enjoyable but the plots are rarely realistic. “Safe” is more dialed back at times than you would expect but still largely fits the formula. The plot is just well-developed enough to follow although it mostly serves as an excuse for Statham to kill a bunch of guys. This time he finds a young Chinese girl who is in trouble with the Russian mob and working for the Chinese. When Statham gets involved, it escalates into all-out war with him in the middle of everything.

The action is slick, well-directed, and easy to follow. While it does utilize a lot of quick cuts, you are never left wondering what is going on. Mark Mothersbaugh delivers a traditional action score that feels like a mix between Jerry Goldsmith and Lalo Schifrin. The music is largely driven by percussion and makes good use of traditional Chinese instruments. Jason Statham delivers his typical action role and will satisfy fans of his other films.

“Safe” is a solid action movie that is fun to watch if you don’t mind a throwaway plot. Though it was able to keep my interest throughout, the ending was a bit strange and didn’t really seem to fit with the rest of the film. Fans of Statham’s action movies will enjoy “Safe” although it isn’t as over-the-top as the Crank films.



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