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Skyfall (2012) Movie Review

November 10, 2012

The James Bond movies have a long history and many fans. The earlier movies seem quaint today both in the gadgets used and the music (the vocal theme songs seem especially old-fashioned today). “Skyfall” makes the first full transition to the modern world with the technology the villain uses. While you often see movies where a list of agents under cover is stolen, this is the first time the villain threatens to slowly expose the list on Youtube.

Like all good Bond movies, “Skyfall” is a mix of action and tension. The film makes many jabs at its history that will give most viewers a good chuckle. Daniel Craig returns for his third Bond role. I have always liked him as Bond and he does an even better job here. Javier Bardem gives a fantastic performance as the main villain. He pulls off the flamboyant character perfectly and his homoerotic scene with Daniel Craig is great fun (all flirting, no skin).

The addition of Sam Mendes as director gives the movie a fresh stylish look and lets the audience follow the action better. The previous two movies were hard to follow because of all the quick cuts. “Skyfall” fixes that. The change of director also brings with it a change in composer. While David Arnold stayed closer to the classic sound, he also got overbearing at times with the percussion. Thomas Newman wrote a score that fits the movie well. It blends his style of action writing with the classic Bond style. The score often feels similar to his work on “The Adjustment Bureau” with its mix of synthesizer and orchestra. Familiar Bond themes show up at just the right times. The opening song is sung by Adelle and it is accompanied by one of the most fun opening sequences since the early Bond films.

“Skyfall” opens with a fabulous chase scene and never loses its steam until the final showdown is over. The movie gives us a nice glimpse into the history of James Bond as well as a look into the bureaucrats running things behind the scenes. Ben Wishsaw makes an appearance as Bond’s new super-nerdy assistant who is an expert hacker. His role is big enough to satisfy any fans. I was also a big fan of Naomie Harris in her role as Eve, Bond’s assistant in the field. If the idea of James Bond always excited you but the films somehow came up short, you will find a lot to enjoy about “Skyfall.” The film has a number of big set pieces that will satisfy fans as well as plenty of jokes scattered throughout.



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