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Calm before The Hobbit

December 9, 2012

You will see no reviews this weekend. I was considering going to see Legend of the Guardians this weekend but found other things to be more worthy of my time. I got Kingdom of Heaven Director’s Cut on Netflix and enjoyed watching that. I also spent a lot of time continuing reading Fall of Giants by Ken Follett. Such a long book, but so much fun. This week comes to a close and we are one step closer to Christmas. Whether you celebrate it or not, you can probably feel it in the air.

Coming up next weekend, I will be going to see The Hobbit on Saturday and will post my review later that evening. I’m excited to see it even if a lot of the people I usually go to movies with aren’t interested. My boyfriend revealed to me that he never liked The Lord of the Rings trilogy and isn’t particularly interested in The Hobbit, let alone 3 movies of it. I guess I can’t blame him, it does require a certain kind of person to enjoy the journey.

Thankfully, I won’t have to wait in line for The Hobbit, like I did for the 3 past Lord of the Rings films, because now I have the luxury of Arclight Cinemas and their early seat selection. I hope my readers find time to spend with family this December, and treasure the moments.


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