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Jack Reacher (2012) Movie Review

December 23, 2012

Jack Reacher starts off with a bang. The opening sequence is shocking and powerful. Sadly it never regains the same level of tension as it displays in the opening sequence. While the idea of a character like Jack Reacher played by Tom Cruise  is quite intriguing, it feels like the potential was wasted here. While Tom Cruz is satisfyingly bad-ass on the level of his character in “Collateral,” the plot is not interesting enough to keep your interest, or to give him enough of a chance to show off his skills.

“Jack Reacher” starts off with the shooting of five people and most of the movie is spent trying to figure out who is behind it all. Sadly, most of the steps in the middle aren’t particularly interesting. About half way through the film I felt myself wishing I hadn’t come. There are a few solid fight sequences that work well, including a big chase scene and a shootout. Without an interesting main plot to drive everything home though, it seems fairly meaningless.

Though the plot failed to deliver, that isn’t to say that it was completely worthless. There were a few times where the puzzle pieces fit together and I gave a little grin. Sadly, for each of these, there was a feeling of boredom or lack of purpose. Given what he had to work with, Joe Kraemer wrote a solid score for the film. The music is traditional orchestral tension driven by a few key motifs. Though Jack Reacher had the potential for something great, it never comes to the level of “Collateral” or “Mission Impossible 4.” I can’t recommend this film even for fans of Tom Cruz’s action films. At best it is a decent rental but for most, you can safely give it a pass.


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