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The Impossible (2012) Movie Review

January 6, 2013

“The Impossible” was released in Spain in 2012 although it didn’t make it to the US until 2013. Though it is a Spanish production featuring a Spanish composer (Fernando Velazquez) the film is almost 100% in English except for a few short scenes in Thai. The film tells the true story of a family of tourists who survived the Tsunami in Thailand in 2004. The original family was Spanish but they are portrayed here by two well-known white actors (Ewan McGregor and Naomi Watts).

The film is beautifully shot and will tug at your heart strings. While some may find some aspects to be overly manipulative, I really like how the music is prominent at key points of the film. Fernando Velazquez wrote a beautiful orchestral score that fits the emotions of the film perfectly. It is at times highly emotional and other times accentuates the tension in dangerous moments.

The cast is amazing, with some especially impressive performances by the younger actors. From how good they are on screen, you wouldn’t know that this is the first live action film any of them have been in. Tom Holland plays the oldest boy and he captures your attention every time he comes on screen. Ewan McGregor and Naomi Watts are simply electrifying in their roles, giving some of the best performances I’ve seen from them in a long time.

The shots of the Tsunami in this film are so realistic I wondered at times how they could have possibly been filmed. Some of the underwater shots were especially astounding. Though there have been many similar disaster films before, none felt quite as real as “The Impossible.” This is the type of film where you really want to hold your loved ones close as you watch so I was especially glad to be able to hold onto my boyfriend throughout. “The Impossible” is an impressive production and well worth watching in theaters if you get a chance.


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