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Gayby (2012) Movie Review

April 11, 2013

Finally a gay movie that doesn’t involve anyone coming out as a central focus of the plot. “Gayby” is a romantic comedy but stays away from many of the typical clichés. The focus of the film is two characters’ attempt to conceive a child the old fashioned way. Jen is a straight woman in New York who decides to have a child with her gay best friend Matt. Awkwardness ensues as they realize that it is quite a bit different than they imagined. Throughout the film both Jen and Matt try to date other people and their dates meet each other in some strange ways.

For an independent film, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the writing and acting. Though most of the actors are unknown, they feel authentic and provide a good look into the gay dating scene in New York. Though some of the actors are quite cute, none feel unrealistically attractive like you see in mainstream films. There are a number of good laughs and overall interesting characters as they deal with romance the best way they know how.

I don’t know if “Gayby” ever got a theatrical release but I caught it when it showed up on Netflix streaming. If you enjoy gay themed movies, this is one of the better ones you will see. “Gayby” is worth checking out on Netflix streaming when you get the chance.



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