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Pacific Rim (2013) Movie Review

July 13, 2013

“Pacific Rim” sets the bar for the modern action film with action you can follow. It moves along at a fast pace because it packs so much into its two-hour runtime. The intro left me breathless and there was much more to follow. The gravity of the threat facing humanity in the film is made clear from the start with news-reporting-style coverage of major attacks. The movie jumps forward five years from the introduction, bringing you directly into a ramped-up level of monster attacks.

The multinational cast helps enhance the realism because it shows the whole world coming together to address the threat. Guillermo Del Toro brings out powerful performances from the cast even though you probably won’t recognize most of the actors. I don’t recall noticing Charlie Hunnam before “Pacific Rim” but he fit his role nicely and gave a solid performance in the starring role. The relative newcomer Rinko Kikuchi gives a powerful performance as well.

The special effects are impressive and the action is easy to follow. This is especially noteworthy because it is generally difficult to render full action sequences with heavy CGI. Del Toro uses some inventive mechanical sets to simulate the look of the characters piloting giant robots. Their movements are very believable throughout.

Ramin Djawadi enhances the epic feel of the film with his powerful rock anthem style score. The music mixes electric guitar, synth, and orchestra wonderfully. The main theme is used nicely throughout the film at just the right moments. Though the main theme is in many ways typical of the modern epic film score sound, it is very catchy and easy to whistle as you head out of the film.

While “Man Of Steel” set the bar for summer action films, “Pacific Rim” pulverizes the bar into submission leaving nothing but dust. While a few things feel unrealistic about it, the film is largely convincing. If you only see two movies this summer, don’t skip “Pacific Rim” or “Man Of Steel”.



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