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Red 2 (2013) Movie Review

July 20, 2013

When “Red” first came out in 2010, it gave audiences just the right amount of comedy in a secret agent action movie. Though it is not the first movie to try this, it is a lot more fun than most. “Red 2” brings back most of the cast and delivers a fun romp that manages to top its predecessor. The plot is just as wacky as ever, but it is so much fun I couldn’t wait to see what happened next. Bruce Willis, John Malkovich, Helen Mirren, and Mary-Louise Parker return and are joined by Anthony Hopkins, Byung-hun Lee, and Catherine Zeta-Jones. Each of the actors does a great job of giving just enough of a serious performance while adding plenty of tongue in cheek fun.

Sarah is finally given a chance to do a bit more serious work this time and she handles her role perfectly. She also delivers plenty of sass in her role, taking Frank to task for his miss-steps. I really enjoyed watching everyone try to give Frank tips on how to handle his relationship with Sarah. This time around the crew search for a man who knows the location of an old Cold War bomb. They travel around the world, visiting France, England, and Russia. The action is a bit more ramped-up this time around, though it never loses its humorous side.

Alan Silvestri takes over writing the music and does a decent job in the secret agent style of the first. The only really stand-out cues in the film are pure rock that sound like lifts of guitar lines from mainstream rock songs. Silvestri’s score is typical synth mixed with orchestra that doesn’t ever deliver a memorable theme or stand out. It does its job of driving the action sequences forward and emphasizing the wacky nature of the film.

If you enjoy comedy with your action, “Red 2” is even more fun than the first film. If you never saw “Red” you should give it a rental before watching “Red 2” because it is a lot more fun if you catch all the references to the first film. In a time where most big Summer films are becoming darker and more serious, “Red 2” is refreshing with its lighter feel.


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