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A Single Man (2009) Movie Review

August 12, 2013

We all search for meaning in our lives. For most people this leads us to a deep connection with another human, who we are so close to we want them to be recognized as family. Yet for many who lack a separate cause for being, as soon as that love is gone, life loses meaning and purpose. “A Single Man” tells the story of a gay man named George (Colin Firth) who recently suffered the loss of his partner of 17 years. Alone and lost, he feels he has no choice other than to take his own life. The film gives us a powerful glimpse into his last day as he plans to commit suicide.

Everyone he meets can tell he is missing something in his life. They all ask him if he is OK because he certainly doesn’t look fine. Yet as he interacts with people he notices little things that he realizes have meaning. The film has a muted look to it drained of some of the color. When George sees something he appreciates, most frequently an attractive young man, the film becomes colorful for a moment as if to highlight the beauty that he sees. I found this technique very effective for drawing me into George’s head.

The film features an intimate emotional score by Abel Korzeniowski. He composed a number of beautiful themes that highlight the emotions the characters feel throughout the film. A theme that we see throughout the film is how invisible gay men were in earlier years, how alone they felt and how little support they received from family. It serves as a refreshing reminder of how far we have come in the last 40 years. “A Single Man” is a beautiful emotional journey that should be experienced by everyone once. It captures the human reality so perfectly.



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