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Kick-Ass 2 (2013) Movie Review

August 17, 2013
The first “Kick-Ass” was a lot of fun because it had a lot more comedy than other superhero films. It also was refreshing because it’s R rating allowed some serious blood and gore and off-color jokes. “Kick-Ass 2” brings back everything that made the first film fun and manages to deliver just what fans were hoping for. The dialog is once again full of expletives and inappropriate jokes, retaining much of the charm. 

Though the main characters return, there isn’t a lot of serious action until the film’s finale. Despite the slightly lighter action, the film moves at a quick pace and stays interesting throughout. By saving the most intense action for the end, it is much more fun when it happens. The plot is simplistic but thanks to the comedy mixed in, the ridiculous plot makes sense. Sure giving a character from the first film a revenge plot for how things ended is a bit cliche but it is executed well. 
Though the budget is reportedly much lower for this film and director is someone few people will have heard of, you wouldn’t notice. It retains much of the feel of the first film and the characters have the same wit and charm that made “Kick-Ass” so much fun. Two of the composers return, Henry Jackman and Matthew Margeson. The music does a good job of incorporating the main theme from the first film and otherwise blends in with the picture. 
“Kick-Ass 2” is a solid sequel that will satisfy fans of the first film. It is one of the best movies of the summer and worth catching in theaters. 

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