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Gravity (2013) Movie Review

October 5, 2013
TV shows have become so high quality lately that movies need to show you something unique to draw you out to the theater. “Gravity” succeeds at this perfectly. If you have seen the trailers you may think you have seen a lot of the film. The majority of what you see in the trailers takes place in the first 20 minutes of the film, so there is a lot you haven’t seen. The film does focus primarily on Sandra Bullock in space but it never becomes tiresome. The pacing is excellent. She constantly moves from one obstacle to another.

The cinematography is very well done. We are treated to some gorgeous shots of earth from a low orbit. The film largely feels realistic as the characters move through space. Steven Price wrote a solid minimalist/atmospheric score that works well in the film. He makes good use of solo vocalists to emphasize how alone the characters are. The final cue of the film is gorgeous and stands out compared to the rest.
“Gravity” is a tense film that grabs hold of the audience from the beginning and doesn’t let go until the credits roll. Through great use of long shots and skillful editing, there isn’t a dull moment. If the trailer gets you yearning for more, this is a film that you must catch in theaters to get the full experience. The 3D ads to the experience, giving space a depth that would otherwise be missing. If you enjoy the thrill ride that comes with big movies in theaters, you will not be disappointed by “Gravity.”

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  1. Melissa Shaw Bloch permalink

    I found the total absence of romantic vibes and flirtatious undertones between Clooney and Bullock VERY refreshing. She played the role of an autonomous, independent woman who freely displays both fear and courage. I found the 3D cinematography almost too authentic in that it left me nauseated from spinning in a weightless environment. So intense!

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