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Captain Phillips (2013) Movie Review

October 12, 2013
A good thriller is gripping even when you know how things are going to end. Many are familiar with the story behind the Somalian pirates that attacked the ship Captain Phillips helmed. In the hands of a director like Paul Greengrass, the story feels fresh and the threat immediate. Skillful direction combines with powerful acting by Tom Hanks and talented young Somalian actors. 

After a brief introduction to set the scene and introduce the characters, the tension becomes immediate rather quickly. There are few moments of calm once things take off. Henry Jackman provides added tension through a brooding percussion-driven score. Though it works well, it largely serves as sonic wallpaper and would be difficult to distinguish from other similar scores.
The film was portrayed well in the trailers so if you liked what you saw in the trailers, you will probably enjoy the film. Though it is 2 hours and 15 minutes long, it moves briskly and never drags. If you enjoy the modern style of portraying thrillers as realistic as possible, you will be swept up into “Captain Phillips.”

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