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Out of the Furnace (2013) Movie Review

December 7, 2013

If you watch enough movies you come to recognize certain things that characters get into before things go crazy. “Out of the Furnace” is the kind of movie where I recognized early on the bad path some characters were going down but there wasn’t anything I could do but wring my hands and yell at them for being stupid. In many ways the movie is like watching a train wreck. You can see that things are going to turn out bad but there isn’t anything you can do so you can’t stop yourself from watching. Considering all the craziness in the film, it moves forward rather slow at times. Though chronologically speaking it is nice because the film captures a rather long period of time, it feels pretty slow periodically.

The main thing that drew me to “Out of the Furnace” was Christian Bale. His performance was quite satisfying and really shows how fantastic he can be in the right role. Casey Affleck and Woody Harrelson both give solid performances though neither gets enough time on screen to properly appreciate them. Harrelson’s character was particularly scary and psycho but he doesn’t show up enough to truly get a taste for him. Musically the film doesn’t have very much going for it. There are a few fitting songs but the score is mostly sonic wallpaper. It helps enhance the film’s brooding feelings but doesn’t have much to separate it from other similar scores.

I found myself let down slightly through most of the film. Tough it has a solid finale that I was hoping for, it feels like there is more that could have been done to reach its full potential. The downward spiral of the characters is a bit too predictable and I never really cared enough for Casey Affleck’s character to worry when he was in dangerous situations. “Out of the Furnace” is a dark film that is at times difficult to watch because of the obvious poor choices being made in front of you. Though I was satisfied by the ending, I felt that it failed to do much other than caution people against taking on debt that you can’t repay. Still, if you are a fan of Christian Bale and like to see him in roles where you can understand what he says, this film is worth checking out to see his performance. It doesn’t really beg to be seen in theaters though so it is worth waiting for it to show up on Netflix.


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