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The Hobbit Desolation of Smaug (2013) Movie Review

December 14, 2013
If you are reading this, chances are you enjoyed the first Hobbit film. The question on your mind is most likely does this have all of the epic awesomeness that you might expect? For sure this is one of the biggest spectacle films you will see in theaters this year. It surpasses even Man of Steel with this year scope of what you see on screen. The characters we loved from the first film are back to continue their journey that will end in the third film. There are plenty of long treks across vast expanses of wilderness and plenty of action keep you excited until the final act. One particular scene had me shaking in my seat when what seemed like countless numbers of spiders descended upon the band of dwarves in the forest. I never liked spiders, and this was particularly difficult to watch even though I know it was just a movie.

The action has plenty of comedy mixed in, keeping you and the rest of the audience laughing through most of it. Acting wise, everything is about as you would expect. All of the returning actors who are any good do a fantastic job in their roles once again. Some of the new actors are entertaining, especially one who I was not expecting to see. Musically, the film is a little bit darker than the first. There is a lot more action music, as well as some fantastic music for the finale. Howard Shore does a great job writing some new themes for characters for the second film, including some interesting music for Smaug himself. Old familiar themes both from the first Hobbit film and the Lord of the Rings trilogy return at the right moments.

If you enjoyed the first Hobbit film, you will find that this new film ramps up the action and does a great job filling the void until what will hopefully be an exciting and climactic final film. Despite its long-running time, I found myself engaged for most of it. And of course it is right when things start getting really good that it ends. I found the last section of the film to be especially engaging, as we rarely get to see me such a fantastic dragon on screen. If you enjoyed the first film, you absolutely must check out this one in theaters. I did not see this in high frame rate 3D or IMAX so I can not comment on how well either of those is done here.


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