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Majestic Prince (2013) Anime Review

January 29, 2014

Though slightly different than a film, I feel that certain Anime series are deserving of a review as a whole. Single series shows especially are great for this. “Majestic Prince” is a recent mecha Anime that has some interesting ideas and some solid action but otherwise failed to reach the higher marks that it set for itself.

In typical Anime fashion, the story focuses on a group of five friends from the same school who get recruited to join in the fight to defend humans from alien invaders. It turns out that these five kids were specifically raised for compatibility with a new kind of mecha suits that connects with the pilot’s DNA. At first I was wondering if these five would ever learn to work together. Though they grow closer throughout the show, they never truly gain the proper bonds I would hope to see.

Other problems I had with the show were many. For one, it seems that the commanding officers of the Human armies are ridiculously incompetent. We watch helplessly as their underlings warn them of the problems with their strategies only to see them arrogantly ignore the warnings and go ahead with the mission.

I also had a big problem with the believability of the scenarios in general. The large battles seem poorly set up and we are led to believe that the Human military commanders are unable to do much more than react to this new enemy. The big reveals we get later that attempt to explain the setup of the show largely fall flat. The final episode ends abruptly with very little explanation given as far as how things went after the resolution of the final conflict.

I found the soundtrack a bit disappointing as well, especially considering what Toshiyuki Watanabe has written for other recent Anime, especially Space Brothers. I could guess why he decided to write the big choral work for the invaders, given their similarities to medieval royalty, however I found the majority of the music to be lacking in anything that stood out. The battle music never really presented any memorable themes that stuck with me when I finished watching.

Despite all these problems, the characters were fairly well developed and moderately interesting. You should expect that most of these characters are going to be typical Anime stereotypes but I did find they grew on me as the season progressed. Despite my initial problems with the character designs, they turned out better than I expected once things got going.

I also found the action sequences to be impressively animated. There were a number of times during the one-on-one mech battles where I noticed some pretty spectacular animation. Sadly, this didn’t hold true to some of the bigger battles where it turned into a bunch of generic lasers firing from each side. The different ways the mechs reacted to difficult fights and found extra stores of energy were well done even if the general concept is typical for this sort of Anime.

Overall, if you are a fan of mecha Anime and are interested in checking this one out, I think it is worth your time, although don’t expect it to be without its faults. If you are able to overlook some pretty annoying oversights in the plot and enjoy the big fights for what they are, you might find something fun here.


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