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Captain America The Winter Soldier, A Brainless Action Film Lacking in Depth

April 12, 2014

I went into “Captain America The Winter Soldier” with high expectations. The critics seemed to be generally in agreement that it was well made. In the end I was rather disappointed. It was better than the first film in some ways and worse in others. The first film seemed to have a more interesting plot but lost out in the action by making Captain America too human. This one seems to have tossed out the interesting plot in favor of solid action.

Now Captain America is shown as more of a superhero than before, coming across as something a bit better than the average soldier of before. Sadly, though this makes the film more exciting, it doesn’t really make sense considering the antics he goes through. The action is mostly a combination of Bourne style hand-to-hand and modern FBI style of shoot outs. Some of the action is quite well-done so if you are able to ignore some of the plot issues you might enjoy the action.

After a fairly solid opening, the film seemed to loose steam and lost me with what makes The Winter Soldier a particularly strong threat. Though it succeeds in delivering engaging action, it feels ultimately pointless plot wise in the end. It also makes little sense that Captain America is not joined by any of his buddies now that the film takes place after the events of “The Avengers.” If the threats were so great that Director Fury was in harm’s way, why leave it all up to Captain America?

Jackman’s score largely blends with the picture in a style that would fit a Greengrass film and fails to impress thematically. Much of the music is driven by drum loops that overpower the orchestra. The film-makers decided to rely on Silvestri’s earlier work for the themes used at times but it is used sparingly just as the original film.

Overall, “Captain America The Winter Soldier” might satisfy those looking for brainless action but anyone wanting more will be disappointed in how the plot resolves. Compared to the story delivery in Agents of Shield, this should have been a lot better.


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