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The Amazing Spider-man 2

May 4, 2014

Going into this film I saw a lot of negative reviews and I am glad to say that I disagree with them completely. If you enjoyed the first film, you will be excited to see more of Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker. There are certainly a few areas where the film fails to achieve perfection but I generally enjoyed it and think it was a solid entry in the series.

As is expected with a Spider-man movie, a good amount of time is spent with Peter Parker’s exploration of what life means and how he is going to juggle his relationships with being Spiderman. I thought those sections were generally well-done and gave added insight into his character. We also get to learn some more about what happened to Peter’s dad, helping round out the story.

I thought the general setup for the character of Electro was well-done. There was plenty of motivation for him to go on a rampage and the fights were solid. I also enjoyed the short fights we got to see with both Rhino and The Green Goblin. Sadly, neither of the fights were particularly lengthy and seemed like a bit of a wasted chance. The Green Goblin was one of the best versions of the villain I’ve seen on screen but he is too quickly defeated.

Musically, Hans Zimmer provides a highly functional approach with a lot of different musical ideas mixed together. Spider-man’s new theme is quite heroic and fits the character perfectly. The theme gets plenty of play at key parts of the film, enhancing the power. Max, who later turns into Electro, gets an interesting theme as well. That theme is later developed nicely into the Electro theme by adding dubstep and some whispering rap vocals. Each of these themes is nicely developed in a few different presentations, tying everything together. I was surprised to hear such a traditional approach to the score from Zimmer and even more surprised at how well it worked.

Overall, “The Amazing Spider-man 2” is a satisfying entry in the new series. The film manages to bring in plenty of emotion throughout, keeping things focused on the characters, where they belong. If you enjoyed Andrew Garfield in the previous entry, there is plenty to enjoy here as well.


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