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I am a critic for the fans. There is nothing I hate more than skipping a movie because of poor reviews on major sites only to rent it and find out it blew me away. While everyone has different tastes when it comes to movies, I hope that you will learn how my tastes are similar to yours over time so you can make better choices on what to watch in theaters.

I am a big fan of film scores so I will frequently reference how the music works in the movie. While I enjoy film scores on their own, I try to keep my discussion of the music to how it works in the movie. I am primarily a fan of big thematic orchestral music so you may hear me complaining about some more ambient scores in films I watch.

I write a blog covering the San Diego Craft Beer community at I explore local breweries and review specialty beers available in bottles at the local liquor store.

In my day job, I am a LGBT friendly family law attorney serving San Diego County. Whenever possible, I try to go see movies with my husband, though he hates horror movies so I spare him the torture. I hope you enjoy my reviews.

Marvel-ous Movie Reviews was previously on a fan page on Facebook. However, in order to allow readers who are not on Facebook to read new reviews, I moved here. Through my reviews I hope to present a perspective different than that of ordinary critics.

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