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Edge of Darkness (2010) Movie Review

January 30, 2010

It has often been said that the loss felt by a parent at the death of a child is so profoundly painful that to approach them and suggest you know what they are feeling would be a slap in the face.  Even for one who is experienced with investigating murders such as the character of Thomas Craven (Mel Gibson), the death of his daughter is significant and life changing.  In his case, rather than falling into depression fueled by grief, he plunges head first into an investigation to find out who killed his daughter and make them pay.

Movies like this, focusing on revenge have been done a number of times over the years, although lately there haven’t been very many of them.  What sets this one apart from the rest is the traditional camera work and plot development centered around an investigation rather than senseless violence.  Craven knows very little about his daughter’s life but, with some well-executed police work, he is able to quickly catch a lead and follow it to the inevitable conclusion.

The plot is developed slowly and meticulously.  The movie feels most similar to the 2007 movie “Shooter”.  Mel Gibson gives a fantastic performance that exudes attitude and general devil-may-care contempt for the world.  The soundtrack, composed by veteran Howard Shore, is tense and complements the movie well.  The score is primarily dark and brooding orchestral with heavy use of strings.  The dialogue in the movie is also very well written.  There were a number of lines that stuck with me after the film.  Edge of Darkness is a taut political thriller with numerous plot twists and it kept my interest from beginning to end.



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